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ASHA Schools  

1.  Asha School Delhi Cantt show cases what facilities a school for differently abled children should have. The facilities provided are state of the art and upgraded time to time. It is not only a destination for enthusiasts from India but for foreign dignitaries too. Dignitaries from our neighbouring countries go back with Asha School Delhi Cantt as a yard stick to start similar school of theirs. For the parents of differently-abled children except blindness Asha School Delhi cantt is the solution for their problem under one roof.       

2.   Facilities Available. Under mentioned facilities are available at the school in order to provide effective interventional and remedial therapies:-


(a)  Speech Therapy


        (i) For children with Hearing impairment  and  speech problems.

        (ii) For children with delayed speech and language problems.           


(b)    Occupational and Physiotherapy
 (i)    For the management of children suffering from developmental delay.
(ii)    To help the children to learn the correct body posture and the correct use of aids and appliances.

 (iii)    To entertain child’s requirement regarding physical and mental deficits according to the area of intervention, in which the child should be focussed upon.

(iv)    To conduct individual classes for regular update on functional skills.
(v)    Patterning and gait training.
    Self help skills.
(vii)    Exercises to avoid contractures in cerebral palsy cases.


(c)    Hydrotherapy

(i)    Facility for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy Intellectual & developmental disability and autism.
(ii)    Leads to normalisation of abnormal postural tone.
(iii)    Relieves muscle spasm.
(iv)    Improves balance and coordination.

(d)    Equine Therapy

 (i)    Animal assisted therapy which helps in increasing physical, mental, emotional and developmental capabilities.
(ii)    Helps strengthen spine and pelvis muscles, improve posture, coord and enhance the joint mobility.

(iii)    Instil a feeling of control combined with sense of accomplishment and self esteem.

(e)    Canine Therapy

(i)  Animal assisted therapy which helps in increased attention and reduces anxiety.
(ii) Helps in behaviour modification programme.
(iii) Helps to coordinate the movement and communication in child.

(f) Pottery. The school provides clay activity to refine their gross and fine motor skills.
(g) Library. The school library is equipped with  story  books, educative and entertainment CDs and LCD projector.
(h) Computer Training Room. The school has computer training facility in a separate room to provide the essential hands on experience to each and every student.

(j)    Pre Vocational Training. To impart essential skills to encourage the students towards self reliance. The students are trained towards preparing the following items:-
(i)    Preparation and decoration of Paper bags
(ii)    Preparation and designing the Table mats
(iii)     Colouring and decorating the pottery Items
(iv)    Photography
(v)    Notebook Making

(k)    Herbal Garden & Garden of five senses. There is a variety of Herbal plants avl in the school and a garden of five senses to give practical exposure to children about five senses like Touch, Smell, Taste, See and Listen.

(l)    Play ground. Mini basket ball court is available in play ground.

(m)    CCTV Camera System. To ensure the safety and to monitor the movement of the children 32 CCTV cameras are installed in the school.
Infrastructure improvement

3.    Improvement to the infrastructure has been done keeping in mind the safety of the children. Some of them are as under:-
(a)    Fire / exit and ventilation


        (Vallari Joshi)
        Lt Col
        Ex O ffcio OIC, Asha School

    For Management Committee

(b)    Emergency Stair Case

(c)    Mobile Sentry Post at Main Gate

4.    Achievements of the school is given as under:-
      (a) Students participated in various competitions at  National Bal Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi and  won prizes as given below:-        
S.No.    Name of Children Event Category Prize Remarks
(i) Komal Clay Modelling Physically Challenged Rs. 1000/- 1st Prize
(ii) Drishti Clay Modelling Physically
Challenged Rs. 800/- 2nd Prize
(iii) Anamika Clay Modelling Mentally Challenged Rs. 600/- 3rd  Prize

(b) Students participated in various competitions at Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi – 110016 on 13 Feb 14 and won prizes as under:-      
S.No. Name of Children Event Prize Remarks
(i) Annu Cooking 3rd    
(ii) Akshay Fashion Show Consolation    
(iii) Apporva Yoga Consolation    

    (c) Special Olympic Bharat. Master Ajit kumar s/o Nb Sub R B Gupta represented Delhi State in the National Championship from 12 to 15 Mar 2014 at Nehru Stadium, Delhi and participated in 100M Race, Long Jump     and Shot put and bagged Silver Medal in 100M.

5. Visit of Foreign Dignitaries
    (a) Spouse of Army Cdr Myanmar. Mr
s Daw Than Than New, spouse of  Dy Cdr-in-C Def Services and  Cdr –in-C, Myanmar Army visited on 11 Dec 2013.    

    (b) Spouse of Chief of Def Force, Maldives National Def. Mrs KhadeejaNaeem, spouse of Maj Gen Ahmed Shiyam, NDC,PSC,Chief of Def Force, Maldives National Def visited on 04 Feb 2014.


1. Aastha Counselling Centre is a unique org of its kind functions at MI room Complex Arjan Vihar, Delhi Cantt. Aastha provide counselling to the couple or the individual thus bringing greater understanding and harmony.
2. The outcome of the counselling has no legal validity. However a no of cases of marital discord has been brought to normalcy.



Sujok Therapy Centre is functional at MI Room Complex Arjan Vihar Delhi Cantt. All ranks and their families visit the centre and get relieved of their cronic pains after so many visit to the doctors. 15 to 20 pers vis ujok Therapy Centre for treatment daily.